Make retirement savings last

As you retire, there are variables you can’t control. Investment performance and fate are certainly toward the top of the list. However, your approach to withdrawing and preserving your retirement savings may give you more control over your financial life. Our retirement-planning services are designed to help people achieve the control they desire.  (more…)

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Live the retirement you’ve imagined

Financially, how might retirement differ from your expectations? To some degree, it will. Just as few weather forecasters can accurately predict a month’s worth of temperatures and storms, few retirees find their financial futures playing out as precisely as they assumed. That’s one of the chief reasons we’re passionate about helping people plan for retirement.  […]

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6 steps to get out of debt

Here at Lighthouse Financial, we’re asked all the time, “How do I get out of debt?” Below, you’ll find some ideas we’re passing along with hopes that you’ll let us work to help you try to lighten your financial burden. (more…)

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The dos and don’ts of debt management

Debt is a legally building agreement that, in the future, will require you to pay for what you’re using today. That is negative living — and it can strangle your life. Debt can hold you back from many great things in life.  (more…)

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Coping with college loans

Are student loans holding our economy back? Certainly America has recovered from the last recession, but this is an interesting question nonetheless. (more…)

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