We build bright futures.

Integrity is our most important value. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), putting our clients’ best interests first is the cornerstone of our working relationships. We:

  • do not have sales quotas and are not obligated to sell specific products.
  • fully disclose our sources of revenue.

Competence of our dedicated professionals provides the steady hand that brings greater certainty, stability and peace of mind. We are committed to:

  • using the most necessary tools and technology available.
  • analyzing and comparing investment alternatives to identify those best suited to meet individual client needs.
  • investing in consistent and regular professional training and development programs for the Lighthouse team.

Exceptional service is our goal. We help our clients with knowledgeable, caring and timely service. Our clients also can expect:

  • professional, courteous conduct from everyone associated with the firm.
  • coordination with other professionals to complement our services.

Confidentiality is paramount. We honor our clients’ privacy and protect their personal information. We:

  • release confidential information to their other advisors only after proper authorization.
  • maintain secure client records.
  • use a client’s name as a reference only with prior approval.