Estate Planning

A wisely planned estate passes on your values, not just your assets.

The way in which you leave your estate speaks as powerfully as what you leave behind. You can conserve and distribute your estate in ways that help prepare your children and other beneficiaries to handle financial capital wisely. Thoughtful estate planning also can minimize the financial and emotional burdens your death may bring to those you love.

To build financial wisdom into your family, ask yourself:

  • Am I displaying the traits I want my heirs to develop?
  • Have I modled productivity instead of consumption?
  • Have I demonstrated a giving plan with giving and saving built in?
  • Would my heirs learn to manage assets better if I were to pass along some of them while I’m still living so I can counsel them in their use?
  • Would a family conference be helpful for me to field questions about my allocations to maintain family harmony?

Lighthouse Financial’s professional advisors offer:

  • Strategies to minimize transfer taxes
  • Coordination with legal counsel for the effective use of trusts to achieve a variety of goals
  • Development of strategies for charitable and family gifting
  • Assistance with settling final affairs

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