People in Transition

Find the power to prevail over life’s transitions.

Lighthouse Financial is especially passionate about helping people faced with sudden, unforeseen life changes, such as:

  • divorce or the sudden death of spouse with whom assets have been shared;
  • an inheritance or sudden wealth event that creates new financial responsibilities; and
  • sudden career changes, including relocation, layoff or retirement.

We know these transitions can be devastating and emotionally exhausting. Lack of financial knowledge and confidence, coupled with charged emotions, can lead to wrong decisions.

You do not have to face these challenges alone.  With Lighthouse Financial, you can have highly experienced financial professionals helping to handle the complexities of your unique circumstances. 

We’ll help you:

  • preserve and protect your financial assets;
  • develop a spending plan;
  • develop tax-management strategies;
  • define estate planning needs;
  • identify liabilities and develop a Risk Management Plan; and
  • envision a future filled with meaning and purpose.

Special assistance for women

The Lighthouse Financial team has developed a program specifically aimed at helping women navigate tough challenges and explore new directions. We strive to provide women in transition sound financial advice that empowers them when life seems out of control.

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Let us show you the big picture of your financial situation, simplify the complex and present you with a plan to help you build a solid future for you and your family. We offer personalized, fee-only services and a relationship based on trust and passion to help you achieve your goals.