Building Your Future Together

Family matters.

It’s hard to juggle everything life throws at us professionally and personally while also securing the future financially. The Lighthouse team is a lot like you in the sense that we:

  • try to live within our means;
  • want to provide for our families now and in the future — including education costs;
  • strive to advance our careers and pursue personal passions without sacrificing family life;
  • are preparing to care for aging parents; and
  • want to equip our children with the life skills they need to lead independent, well-rounded lives.

Working toward financial goals is an imperative, personal responsibility — which is daunting enough. But when you’re married and have children, every decision you make affects them, too.

You do not have to face your growing family responsibilities alone. With Lighthouse Financial, you can have highly experienced financial professionals helping to handle the complexities of your unique circumstances.

Place your growing family on the right course.

Lighthouse Financial advisors are here to guide you in the right direction to:

  • grow your financial assets within the framework of your risk tolerances
  • plan for educational expenses
  • identify liabilities and develop a Risk Management Plan
  • create debt-reduction strategies
  • help deal with the issues of aging parents

Contact Lighthouse Financial

Let us show you the big picture of your financial situation, simplify the complex and present you with a plan to help you build a solid foundation for your family. We offer personalized, fee-only services and a relationship based on trust and passion to help you achieve your goals.