Teen’s app shows political money flow

As the old saying goes, “Money talks” — and now, thanks to a teenager who isn’t even old enough to vote, it’s easier to see just how much of that talking might influence public policies.

Thousands of people are embracing “Greenhouse,” a browser plugin developed by Nicholas Rubin, 16, of Seattle.

With just one click from the teen’s website, Greenhouse will install on a Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser. No matter what Web page or news story you’re reviewing, the app will highlight the names of any members of Congress appearing in the text. Mouse over that name, and a box will appear to show a photo of the elected official, his or her political affiliation and state and a full list of his or her biggest campaign contributors. The pop-up even lists what percentage of the politician’s contributions were $200 or less, how the elected official voted on campaign-finance measures, and where the official’s campaign coffers stand in the most recent election cycle.

The application, which pulls data from OpenSecrets.org, caught our attention because we appreciate transparency in government — the people’s business. We’re also committed to maintaining open and honest relationships with our clients — and we invite you to contact us to learn more.



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