Heart for Honduras: A Mission to Help

When people engage our financial-management services, they also help make positive change in the world through our firm’s charitable outreach. Take, for example, the trip to Honduras Lighthouse Financial Managing Partner Lynn Hinds made in June 2014 as a volunteer worker with the organization Heart for Honduras. Lighthouse and other donors helped cover the costs of portable dental chairs, school supplies and other items that Lynn and a group from her church helped distribute during their weeklong travels. 

Honduras, a small, Central American country of 8 million people – or roughly the size of metropolitan Chicago – is the second poorest country in the region. The per-capita, annual income is only about $1,880.

Heart for Honduras started its work in 1996 and says it will continue to send teams of experts and devoted volunteers to the region until there is marked increase in church growth and improved public health. The organization conducts two missions each year, and volunteers typically build and staff medical clinics, water-supply systems and an array of other public facilities. They also lead worship services and participate in local, Christian ministries.

If you would like to learn more about Heart for Honduras or any of the other volunteer outreach opportunities we offer here at Lighthouse, please contact us.


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