Insurance Planning

What we know is that things change. 

Insurance is a way to reach into the future to protect and provide for your family. But how much should you buy?

Lighthouse Financial will help you base your decisions on your current budget, goals and family needs. We’ll analyze all of your insurance policies — life, disability, long-term care, property and auto — to ensure your coverage is complete and competitive.

Let Lighthouse Financial help you provide and protect your future. 

Disability Insurance replaces a part of your income in the event that you’re disabled. We’ll help you determine how much income you would need in the event of disability and whether benefits are taxable. We’ll also walk you through many other important questions everyone should ask when deciding how much coverage to purchase.

Life Insurance needs vary throughout the stages of your life. If you have young children, you have a greater need for income replacement. As your net worth increases, your need to replace income through insurance may decrease. We’ll help you determine a course of action.

Long-term Care Insurance covers the cost of long-term care when we’re unable to care for ourselves. Coverage ranges from home care to care in a skilled nursing facility.

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