Pathway to Success

The Lighthouse Financial Pathway Program builds the right solutions for your long-term financial needs though a comprehensive step-by-step process that moves in three phases:


Phase 1 – Let’s create your pathway.

Let’s get to know each other first.

      • At a Discovery Meeting, we’ll become acquainted with each other.
      • We’ll cover your current situation.
      • We’ll understand your financial goals.

Lighthouse Financial charts the course.

      • Lighthouse Financial’s professional advisors will prepare your personalized financial plan.
      • The Lighthouse team will provide observations and make recommendations.

Lighthouse Financial shows you the way with a wealth-building strategy. 

      • Our advisors will present your plan to you.
      • We’ll discuss observations and recommendations.
      • We’ll prioritize your action plan.


Phase 2 – Let’s implement your plan.

Upon approval of your Lighthouse Financial Pathway, we move to the implementation phase:

The Lighthouse Financial team:

      • handles all paperwork and transactions to prioritize and implement plan recommendations;
      • opens new accounts and transfers assets;
      • reviews your Investment Policy Statement, which defines your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and money personality.


Phase 3We monitor performance.

After the completion of the implementation phase, we begin to monitor your financial portfolio to help ensure you’re continually moving toward your financial goals. This is one of our primary responsibilities as your financial advisor.

Lighthouse will provide periodic updates and schedule meetings with you to discuss:

      • recent developments in the financial markets,
      • your Lighthouse Financial Pathway progress,
      • portfolio performance,
      • opportunities.