Proud to support Tru Community Care

Because we have many years of experience with helping people navigate the loss of a loved one, we deeply respect the work of good hospice professionals, who focus on helping people with advanced illness live as comfortably and fully as possible. 

That’s why we direct a part of our annual, charitable giving – a donation our clients help support – to Tru Community Care of Colorado.

We appreciate Tru Community’s end-of-life supportive and bereavement services, which are aimed at helping patients and their families prepare for, understand and make informed choices when death is near.

The organization has helped thousands of people, and its services are so important and desired that Tru Community is growing rapidly in the metro Denver region and beyond. We’d like to think our donations are aiding that growth and touching lives. Our giving is certainly aligned with our desire to help families with life transitions – especially during the difficult days of dealing with a loved one’s death.

We encourage as much planning as possible and offer Eldercare Planning Services. We invite you to contact us.



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