Proud to support Tru Community Care

Because we have many years of experience with helping people navigate the loss of a loved one, we deeply respect the work of good hospice professionals, who focus on helping people with advanced illness live as comfortably and fully as possible. 
 That’s why we direct a part of our annual, charitable giving – a […]

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Heart for Honduras: A Mission to Help

When people engage our financial-management services, they also help make positive change in the world through our firm’s charitable outreach. Take, for example, the trip to Honduras Lighthouse Financial Managing Partner Lynn Hinds made in June 2014 as a volunteer worker with the organization Heart for Honduras. Lighthouse and other donors helped cover the costs […]

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Drop Falling into Water

Never take water for granted

When you got up this morning and brushed your teeth, showered and drank coffee or tea, did you even think about the clean and plentiful water supply you used? What if it wasn’t there tomorrow? What would you do? (more…)

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Focus on estate planning before taxes 

You’ve heard it many times: “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” When it comes to estate planning, trite is right. It’s generally a good idea to develop a smart, overarching plan rather than to focus singularly on a tax-avoidance strategy. 

After all, a comprehensive estate plan can fund, mitigate or eliminate estate taxes. (more…)

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Serving widows wisely

Caring for widows is close to God’s heart. The Bible instructs us to be kind to them, to advocate for them and to stand up against any efforts to take advantage of them — so we specifically focus on serving the widowed here at Lighthouse Financial. (more…)

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Women and college debt

Our experienced financial planners often help parents tackle the arduous task of saving for college, so a recent study from the American Association of University Women caught our attention.  (more…)

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The Lighthouse difference: Community Service

Here at Lighthouse, we don’t just work to build a financial-management firm. We also work to build a community of people who appreciate the joy that often comes from wise financial stewardship and from sharing our resources with others. One way we build the community that has made our firm unique is through volunteer service. […]

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Teen’s app shows political money flow

As the old saying goes, “Money talks” — and now, thanks to a teenager who isn’t even old enough to vote, it’s easier to see just how much of that talking might influence public policies. Thousands of people are embracing “Greenhouse,” a browser plugin developed by Nicholas Rubin, 16, of Seattle. (more…)

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Denver Rescue Mission Flickr Creative Commons

Volunteers needed! Join us.

Since 1892, Denver-area volunteers have helped the Denver Rescue Mission — including our employees and clients. Lighthouse is returning again this year as part of our volunteer service. Please join us! (more…)

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Why companies like cash balance plans

In 1985, there were 114,000 defined benefit plans in America. By 2011, that number had shrunk to 38,000. Since 1985, some businesses have elected to replace a traditional pension plan with an alternative: a cash balance plan.1 But what are they? And how might they work for your business? We here at Lighthouse Financial are […]

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